All of Ahuva's artwork is an artistic expression of the beauty that Jerusalem and Judaism have to offer.

From a young age, Ahuva exhibited tremendous artistic capability, skill and talent as an artist. She frequently had a paint brush in her hand and a canvas on her easel. Her parents immediately picked up on her special talents and encouraged her to pursue her dream. She used the art lessons that she attended as a young girl and continued courses that she took at a prestigious Jerusalem art school, as a springboard to develop her personal style.

Over the years her artistic talents have flourished, and she has created many paintings using vibrant, rich and dynamic colors. With each stroke of her paintbrush, beautiful color combinations are brought to life. Over the years, Ahuva has developed her own, unique style. She has combined various colors of paint, to created her own rich and striking palette. These striking colors reflect Ahuva’s dynamic and colorful personality. Her parents made aliya in order to raise her with a deep affection for the beauty that Jerusalem has to offer. Her artwork reflects this beauty that she has found in Jerusalem. She uses her artwork to exhibit and express the inspiration that she gains from her weekly Kotel trips. Her paintbrush and canvas are the tools that she uses to express this inspiration.

Ahuva’s eyes sees the beauty that Jewish life has to offer, through a colorful lens. The magical moments of life are the essence and soul of each stroke that she takes as she creates a striking portrayal of the natural beauty of Jerusalem.

The viewers of her artwork are mesmerized by its beauty and her artwork has become the centerpiece in many homes always leading to fascinating conversations about the magic that Judaism and Jerusalem have to offer.

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